ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE we assist in redefining the ICT roadmap and landscape ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE we provide insights into current business & ICT landscape ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE we are the perfect enabler for our customers’ business


Both business and ICT are constantly being challenged by a faster moving market.
Disruptions that change the game are everywhere.



Social Media

Internet of things



These challenges are constantly testing your architecture’s resilience and your ability to remain aligned
with your organisation’s business needs and goals.
Helping you overcome them means assisting you in the following areas:

  • We help you create an ICT roadmap for the future based on your business strategy

  • We select solutions and partners

  • Step by step we implement the solutions

  • We continuously do a follow-up between the architect & the partner/ICT

  • Alterations to the implementation are fed back into plan and vision

  • Training: we teach IT architects in our clients’ company how to do it themselves in the future





Boots on the ground

We will always offer you hands-on guidance with the execution of your plans, regardless of the service you choose and the advice we formulate. Producing a nicely worded, head-in-the-clouds advice and just moving on to the next client is not the way we work.

We can also help you in partner selection. Although we are a part of the Cronos Groep, seeking our advice is by no means an obligation to utilize other services offered by Cronos or its subsidiaries.

A typical  architectural exercise consists of taking your current IT and business service catalogs and your organisation’s chosen business strategy. If needed, this must be elaborated to acquire the level  of detail needed to make informed decisions on how to move forward. Next is creating the image of where you want to end up and building an actionable plan of how to get there. The final phase is execution of the plan, follow-up and quality assurance.

ICT Architecture Discovery Approach

As your business is evolving rapidly, the ICT architecture needs to evolve at least at the same speed, ideally faster.
To ensure that you are ready to play a pro-active role within your company and to enable you to remain/become aligned with your organization’s business needs and goals, we present you the ICT Architecture Discovery Approach.

Mission and values

Monsoon leverages the strong technology foundations of Cronos to provide our customers insight into their business & ICT landscape. With their vision and strategy foremost in mind, we assist customers in reshaping their ICT roadmap and landscape. We are an effective enabler for their business.



Technology neutral




Part of the Cronos Groep

Monsoon is part of the Cronos Groep. We can therefore get the support of various technology companies. We try to combine all competences of the Cronos Groep to provide good support and insights for our customers. Although we use the knowledge and expertise of Cronos, we are still independent and technology neutral which means you can choose any technology that’s right for you.

Collaboration with Monsoon is never an obligation to utilize other services offered by Cronos or its subsidiaries.


We are constantly on the lookout for driven, talented architects to reinforce our ranks. If you are looking for a new opportunity in enterprise architecture, contact us on the following coordinates.

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