Our discovery service is a thorough examination of your existing architectural landscape to provide you with the insights you require. We use our standardized way of working, tailor it to your needs and create a set of deliverables that form a solid base upon which we can help you to start reshaping your landscape.

  • My business is planning a shift in strategy. Can I accommodate this?
  • I need help in untangling my existing infrastructure
  • I seem to have a sound setup, but somehow it still isn’t working as it should, why?
  • Are there any bottlenecks or problem areas I am unaware of?
  • Can I execute my planned activities with my current set-up?
  • Where are my biggest risks going forward?
  • How can I further improve? What should be my next move?
  • Am I using best-of-breed solutions?

The scope and deliverables are determined before the job starts.


Study is focused on quickly and effectively helping you out in a scope, area or problem setting defined by you. The cases that fit this service range from things you yourself simply do not have the time and/or capacity to handle in-house, to no-nonsense, I-need-help-now situations. We will work within your existing environment and provide you with whatever advice, guidance and work you require.

  • You have a specific issue and do not have the time or available capacity to solve it
  • You want to make a change in your landscape but need conceptual or hands-on help in getting there
  • You require an independent QA check on plans, designs or project deliverables

The scope and deliverables are determined before the job starts.


Assistance is very similar to Study, but is more geared towards long-term architectural guidance. In contrast to the other services, these jobs usually do not require full-time attendance but show an intermittent and long-running pattern of short interventions, studies, sparring sessions, etc. Most jobs involve providing IT managers or in-house architects with guidance, a second opinion, periodic check-ups or sparring sessions with an independent partner.

  • You have projects going in all directions at once and need an architect in keeping their scope and/or approach in check
  • You need a sounding board for your ideas and seek a second opinion

The scope and deliverables are usually not fixed before the job starts.